USA Cabernet Sauvignon

The classic Cabernet Sauvignon pairs beautifully with American Cuisine like a New York strip steak, Texas BBQ or a gourmet cheeseburger. It’s a smooth, bold and easy drinking cab which starts with aromas of blackberry and black currant, followed by rich fruit flavors and ends of course, on notes of the Star Spangled Banner!

Anthony Scotto III, CEO of Scotto Cellars, the winery producing and distributing the wine, explains the business strategy simply, “In the wine aisle, shoppers have a choice between cabernets from Australia, South Africa, Chile and of course, France. We believe they’ll likely choose “America first.” Is there a better wine for this weekend’s BBQ’s?

Ponzi Pino Gris

With initial plantings in 1978, Ponzi Vineyards remains one of Oregon’s legendary producers of Pinot gris. A favorite in the Ponzi portfolio for its quality, consistency and value, the 2017 Ponzi Pinot Gris delivers bright, food-friendly acidity perfect for your next dinner party or backyard celebration.

“Complex  aromatics of honeycomb and jasmine, daphne,  lemongrass, white peppercorn and lime zest bound from the glass.  The mouth follows with flavors of cara orange, kumquat and juicy pear.  The acidity is brilliant and tamed with a touch of sweetness and a very slight phenolic tension in the finish.”
—Winemaker Luisa Ponzi