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Wine is a very sensory experience.  From the way it smells, to its color in the glass, to the way it feels and tastes in the mouth, nearly all of your senses are used when evaluating a wine.

We are family & Locally Owned. We Get to Know our Customers – we know many of our regular customers by name and love to hear about the role that their drinks play in their parties, dinners, or even just everyday lives.

Weekend Tastings: Most Fridays we open a couple of bottles to taste on the weekend.  These are just casual “drop-in” tastings whenever we are open and are free of charge. So if you are near us on a Friday or Saturday, we welcome you to drop in and will likely have something for you to taste.

Tasting Room Events: These are much more in-depth events in our tasting room and are as scheduled rather than a regular time.  Most are a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 6:30 – 8:00 but they can vary. These typically have some kind of theme or common thread to them such as wine from a particular winery or country or region.  Most are put on by a winery representative or one of our very knowledgeable distributor reps. We also do some of these events around various spirits such as Scotch, Rum, Bourbon, Tequila, etc. There are usually 4 – 8 products tasted and there is a small fee for these events.  Most are $25.00 with $15.00 of that credited against event product purchased that evening.

In-Store Tasting Events: These tastings are bigger than our “normal” drop-in weekend tastings.  Also as scheduled, most are for 2 – 4 hours on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and are typically free of charge.   Usually from 20 – 40 offerings are available to taste and our distributor reps present the products and are available to answer questions.

Off-Site Tasting Events: These are as scheduled and are at various locations around the Libertyville area.  For example, traditionally we have 2 events per year (1 in Spring & 1 in Fall) at the Libertyville Lincoln dealership.  Some of these events might have as many as 60 or so offerings for tasting and are typically free of charge.

Wine Station: Our unique wine station allows us to serve wine by the glass.  We keep 4 whites and 4 reds in our machine and each wine is priced for a glass, half glass, or a taste.  Bring a friend and “sit n’ sip” your wine in our lounge area or just wonder through the wine racks in the store as you “sip n’ shop”.


We feature the largest selection of domestic wines from Napa, Sonoma, Oregon, and other regions.


Explore amazing wines from Chile, France, Italy, Argentina and more.


We offer a variety of wine events both at our store and off site.